Alexander Hawn

Alexander Hawn is a Chicago based photographer. He currently works as a Field Sales Administrator for Cisco Systems and studied Network Communications Management at DeVry University.
While his love for photography began as a hobby, his passion has taken it beyond that. Alexander has the unique ability to see a world that is hidden right before our eyes; and, through his photography uses the scenes, moments and people he captures to inspire his passion further. His artistry is a unique combination of the camera’s eye and his mind’s vision. He specializes in Situational and Candid photography, with an amazing eye for breathtaking Landscapes all making the most of ambient light.
For Alexander, the most important thing he can offer as a photographer is to give the viewer the opportunity to step out of themselves for a moment and get lost in the emotions the photo evokes within in them. His unique gift for capturing and evoking these emotions fuel his desire to push his boundaries technically and artistically in an effort to create images that can not only be visualized thru the mind, but felt thru the soul.

Alex Hawn Photography
Des Plaines, IL